Ankur Shiv Bhandari

It took me 25 years to become an overnight success!

The 25 years bit is right, it was April 1993 when I first started working as a door to door salesman in Delhi, India. The Overnight success bit is something I have seen some people attribute to me, which I am not 100% sure of as we have a long way to go. However, for me the fact that I can pen down my thoughts in peace almost on a daily basis now while I have a fantastic team running the ship from different parts of the world can be defined as a personal success and yes it has taken 25 years!

The concept of building million or billion dollar brands overnight is a huge exception rather than the norm. Most normal businesses are build with sweat, blood and tears. If anyone feels that it will be easy to come up with an idea and get a millions valuation, yes, possible but not very likely and definitely not a walk in the park. Until you plan to build a sustainable business which comes with huge investment of time, pain, effort and uncomfortableness you might be starting off on a wrong foot.

Also success doesn’t mean we can sit pretty. Although we have a great sales team, I still knock on opportunity doors myself. Keeps me grounded ( especially when we get a No, which are still quite common). that still acts as a fuel to do more!

Ankur Shiv Bhandari

You started a Business? Be very very proud! You did what millions wanted to do but couldn’t

As a business owner/entrepreneur it is easy and normal to have self doubt now and then. Did you do the right thing? Are your plans good enough for growth? Will the finances be enough? Did you make the right decision in the last call? Not enough clients etc etc..

But the fact that you were brave enough to take the plunge and work against odds to make your dream come true is already a testament to your strength.

Hold your head very high, make a victory fist and celebrate your conviction! What brought you here will be a catalyst to get you there as well!

Nurturing a Business and our Children is very Similar!

We started our business Asbicon few days after our daughter was born in 2009. We celebrate her birthday and just a few days later Asbicon‘s birthday. Since she was young she would always accompany me to the office during her time off from school.

It was day before yesterday when she again accompanied me to the office and sat proudly in my chair (she always does that ?) and as I was watching her, it occurred to me that there are so many similarities in bringing up a child and growing a business.

Some obvious ones that came to mind:

1) You want to give them a good foundation

2) You want to ensure that ethics are inculcated in the right way

3) A business makes mistakes similar to the way a child does and you have to ensure there are lessons learnt from that

4) You have to be both hard and soft at times to give them the best possible chance in life

5) You learn from them

6) Both grow gradually and surprise you at many junctures

7) You cannot always predict what they are going to do

8) Warms your heart when you see them perform


Their success is your happiness..

Customers don’t know what they want, You do!- Make a decision

How many times have you doubted the strength of your product or service? How many times have you asked yourself the question ” Do they really want what I am selling?””Am I wasting my time?”. However, if you genuinely believe that the Product or Service you are selling is going to make a positive difference for the customer, then the power is really in your hands, not theirs. “Customers don’t know what they want, You do!” is a bold statement to make, I know. However, think about this. You have spent 5 years perfecting or learning about a Product, Service, Model or a simple proposition. Chances are you have looked at it from multiple angles and viewed it within many scenarios and in many cases know the value it can bring to your customer from different areas more than they know.

The onus is on you to articulate that in a simple way for your customers to help them understand the benefit of what you are proposing and help them believe why they really need it. But before that you yourself need to believe, what you have can make that difference. Steve Jobs believed Apple can change the world and it did, Colonel Sanders of the KFC fame believed that he had a winning recipe and it did win and I can quote many others but I guess you get the gist. For any of these,success did not come overnight but they persevered and it did come. Many of you might have seen the Steve Jobs movie where he said “People don’t know what they want until you bring it to them” is so true.

A similar scenario plays out from my chosen clip today from the movie”The Hundred Foot Journey”. Have a look and would be good to know what you think?



Ankur Shiv Bhandari

Passion in Sales- What are the boundaries?

For the past many years, there is a daily ritual I have. Watching a movie or a series episode everyday. I devote 1 to 2 hours almost daily towards this and feels quite therapeutic, relaxing and interestingly enough provides me with some good insights. After all, the cinematographic worlds many times are a reflection of our real worlds. There are certain clips which inspire,motivate or even force you to think about applications in real life. I will be sharing some of those in days to come but this particular one from a movie I recently watched was hilarious and thought provoking at the same time. How much passion in Sales is Good? Are there or should there be any boundaries? What do you think?