We are Grateful! – The Positive Charge Talks by Ankur Shiv Bhandari – Episode 07

We live in a new normal. Ankur talks about the fact why we are very grateful.

You can listen to the podcast below:

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Ankur Shiv Bhandari gains Cognitive Behavioral Coach Certification

In line with my focus on enabling Capability Change for Individuals and Organisations, I am pleased to share that I have now achieved Certification as a Cognitive Behavioral Coach. This will hopefully further support me in clearing off those clouds that might prevent a positive capability change to happen for Individuals and Organisations.

Ankur Shiv Bhandari admitted to the Livery of The Worshipful Company of Marketors and enclothed as a Liveryman

Very humbled and proud to have been admitted to the Livery of The Worshipful Company of Marketors and enclothed as a Liveryman. To have been provided this honour in the profession that has guided my life is invaluable. Very proud to be joining the August company of great Liverymen from the Marketing profession and hoping to give back to the profession as much as I can. What made the evening even more special was gaining this honour in the leadership transition to Lesley C Wilson from Andrew J. Cross, both of whom I greatly admire and the post ceremony celebrations augmented by the presence of John Rogers , CFO of WPP as the chief guest which has played a great role in my career through the Kantar and Kantar Consulting associations. I am extremely thankful to all who have led me to this honour through their contribution in me and in my career.

It is your Duty to be Happy – That’s Me Talks by Ankur Shiv Bhandari – Video Episode 02

In this episode, Ankur focuses on the importance of Happiness and correlates happiness with other desires in life.

What do you really Want? – That’s Me Talks by Ankur Shiv Bhandari – Video Episode 01

That’s Me Talks by Ankur Shiv Bhandari on the Power of Positivity and Possibility. Video Episode created on popular demand.

Ankur shares his learnings based on his success and failure experiences during his personal and work-life and travels to multiple countries around the world.

Ankur is based in the United Kingdom with a secondary residence in India.


Episode 01- Is this what you really want?- Listen Now!

In this episode, Ankur asks you to answer the questions on “Whether you are living the life you want?” Ankur also shares his own thoughts and experiences on the same.

That’s me talks by Ankur Shiv Bhandari – An Introduction

Hear Ankur in his own words as he describes his upcoming Talk Show. The Talk Show focuses on sharing, learnings and experiences through life from a small town India to Boardrooms of the World Globally.

The Birth of a Salesman

The Birth of a Salesman


Hello Everyone,

For those of you who don’t know me, I pride myself on being a salesman at heart. Having started my sales career in the early 90s, have seen interesting changes in sales team’s profiles at different levels and in different geographies across the years. I have been lucky enough to have supported sales and marketing initiatives in more than 50 countries and across different channels from the most organised to the most fragmented such as those supporting BPL( Below poverty line) consumption in the developing world.

In the recent few years there are a few key topics around Sales & Distribution management which I feel very passionate about and I look forward to sharing my thoughts on those with you. One topic which I have seen discussed a lot recently is the relevance of a Sales person in today’s Digital world. I have seen some posts marking the phenomenon as the death of a sales person’s role, lost world of sales etc etc. This amuses me quite a lot as in my view this changing landscape is and should be “The Birth of a Salesman”, birth of a salesman who can be relevant in today’s world, birth of a salesman who can use his amazing skills from previous experiences such as relationship building to bring more life into the management of current channel landscape and birth of a salesman who combines richness of being able to understand customer needs with the agility of being able to fulfill them through the modern digital methods.

I will share more details on that perspective in the next few posts so watch the space. Just wanted to start off the dialogue with all you lovely colleagues, co-professionals, friends and would be friends with an initial thought I felt strongly about.

Have a lovely evening.


Ankur Shiv Bhandari