Ankur Shiv Bhandari

Founder and CEO, Asbicon

Ankur is dedicated to enabling and building Capability through meaningful conversations so that Purpose can be clearly expressed leading to Trust, Value, and Relationships. Ankur does that through his involvement in Capability Development of Individuals and Organisations with a particular focus on developing and harnessing Intent. Ankur’s experience is built on his tenure working with organisations in Consumer Goods & Services, Consumer Electronics, Retail and Governments for more than 20 years. He has Consulting and Business/organization Development & Direction experience in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia in the sector.

His experience includes capability building, creating sales and marketing strategies & delivering revenue results as both an employee and a consultant of Fortune 100 organizations in developed & developing markets. He has also recently increased his involvement in the professional higher education sector to hopefully help build the capability of future generations through his experience.

During his experience spanning more than 50 countries, Ankur has enabled conversations leading to the creation of Trust, Value, and Relationships in organisations and Governments. It has been achieved through Ankur’s involvement in various challenges towards enabling and developing capability across Leadership , Sales, Shopper(customer/Trade) Marketing, Technology adoption & Public service. Results delivered through:

1) Being a sounding board
2) Developing Talent through capability building
3) Bringing in experience from across geographies and market maturities
4) Leading concept creation & delivery
5) Enabling business thinking and processes through relevant technology as required
6) Conducting classroom and virtual training ( More than 1000 hours of training conducted)

Ankur holds an MBA from Leicester Business School, United Kingdom and is pursuing his Phd in Strategy