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The Birth of a Salesman with “I Wish I Could Sell”

Hello Everyone,

For those of you who don’t know me, I pride myself on being a salesman at heart. Having started my sales career in the 90s, I have seen interesting changes in sales team’s profiles at different levels and in different geographies across the years. I have been lucky enough to have supported sales and marketing initiatives in more than 50 countries and across different channels from the most organised to the most fragmented such as those supporting BPL ( Below Poverty Line) consumption in the developing world.

In the recent few years there are a few key topics around Sales & Distribution management which I feel very passionate about and I look forward to sharing my thoughts on those with you. One topic which I have seen discussed a lot recently is the relevance of a Sales person in today’s Digital world. I have seen some posts marking the phenomenon as the death of a sales person’s role, lost world of sales etc etc. This amuses me quite a lot as in my view this changing landscape is and should be “The Birth of a Salesman”, birth of a salesman who can be relevant in today’s world, birth of a salesman who can use his amazing skills from previous experiences such as relationship building to bring more life into the management of current channel landscape and birth of a salesman who combines richness of being able to understand customer needs with the agility of being able to fulfill them through the modern digital methods.

I will share more details on that perspective through this medium of “I Wish I Could Sell” so watch the space. Through “I Wish I Could Sell”, I will be sharing blogs that capture my learnings from the sales journey across years and geographies. I will also be sharing podcasts on key areas impacting the world of sales.

Look forward to connecting.


Ankur Shiv Bhandari