Nurturing a Business and our Children is very Similar!

We started our business Asbicon few days after our daughter was born in 2009. We celebrate her birthday and just a few days later Asbicon‘s birthday. Since she was young she would always accompany me to the office during her time off from school.

It was day before yesterday when she again accompanied me to the office and sat proudly in my chair (she always does that ?) and as I was watching her, it occurred to me that there are so many similarities in bringing up a child and growing a business.

Some obvious ones that came to mind:

1) You want to give them a good foundation

2) You want to ensure that ethics are inculcated in the right way

3) A business makes mistakes similar to the way a child does and you have to ensure there are lessons learnt from that

4) You have to be both hard and soft at times to give them the best possible chance in life

5) You learn from them

6) Both grow gradually and surprise you at many junctures

7) You cannot always predict what they are going to do

8) Warms your heart when you see them perform


Their success is your happiness..

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