Is this what you really want? – The Positive Charge Talks by Ankur Shiv Bhandari – Episode 1

Pleased to share the first episode of “The Positive Charge” podcast by yours truly. An effort to share how the Power of Positivity & Possibility can influence our lives. You can listen to it here on Spotify. The podcast is also available on other major sites includes Apple Podcasts.

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“The Positive Charge” Talks by Ankur Shiv Bhandari – Coming Soon!

I have been involved in Capability building for more than a decade not only as part of leading a training company but by also being a Corporate trainer, managing people from different cultures, as a father and recently as a University Senior lecturer. As the years have gone by, I have realised the pure joy there is when you see even a small positive change in someone’s capability and the feeling that your efforts might have contributed to it in some way. I believe that an underlying “Hygiene factor” or “success factor” to how individuals and organisations approach capability is the level of optimism and the ability to deal with negative or discouraging events and influences. I believe if a situation is approached with a “Positive Charge” the capability change results are amazingly different. I will try to share some thoughts on that point through “The Positive Charge” podcast. Thoughts related to the Industry will continue on “The Shopper in Shorts” podcast.

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Look forward to connecting with thoughts soon

#capability #ankurshivbhandari #thepositivecharge #beingpositive #happiness #positivemind #powerofpositivity #holisticcapability #beinghappy #positivity #motivation #inspiration #personaldevelopment #resilience #leadership

Episode 1 - Introduction to Intentonomics

Resilience can bend almost anything and anyone!

Weekend words of thought inspired by this great video shared by a good friend. Staying strong in the face of adversity and holding your position can frustrate any adversity trying to impact you.

Be strong and watch the challenge wither away!

If you are not living on the edge, you are wasting space!

Not my quote but has stayed with me since I heard it many years ago. In the mad rush to achieve whatever we have set out for ourselves, we forget to relish and enjoy the journey we have to take to get to our goals.

Many a time it is those adrenaline rushes, the palpitations, the anxiety, the eagerness, the unknown, operating outside comfort zone etc. that keeps us on the edge but feeling alive and excited. It is normal to be in those situations if you have set ambitious goals. If you don’t experience these either you are not following your passion or your goals are very conservative.

Next time you start feeling uncomfortable when you set yourself a stretch objective, relish it. You might miss that feeling one day.

This clip from Only Fools and Horses sums it up nicely for me..

Ankur Shiv Bhandari

It took me 25 years to become an overnight success! (Almost)

The 25 years bit is right, it was April 1993 when I first started working as a door to door salesman in Delhi, India. The Overnight success bit is something I have seen some people attribute to me, which I am not 100% sure of as we have a long way to go. However, for me the fact that I can pen down my thoughts in peace almost on a daily basis now while I have a fantastic team running the ship from different parts of the world can be defined as a personal success and yes it has taken 25 years!

The concept of building million or billion dollar brands overnight is a huge exception rather than the norm. Most normal businesses are build with sweat, blood and tears. If anyone feels that it will be easy to come up with an idea and get a millions valuation, yes, possible but not very likely and definitely not a walk in the park. Until you plan to build a sustainable business which comes with huge investment of time, pain, effort and uncomfortableness you might be starting off on a wrong foot.

Also success doesn’t mean we can sit pretty. Although we have a great sales team, I still knock on opportunity doors myself. Keeps me grounded ( especially when we get a No, which are still quite common). that still acts as a fuel to do more!

Ankur Shiv Bhandari

You started a Business? Be very very proud! You did what millions wanted to do but couldn’t

As a business owner/entrepreneur it is easy and normal to have self-doubt now and then. Did you do the right thing? Are your plans good enough for growth? Will the finances be enough? Did you make the right decision in the last call? Not enough clients etc etc..

But the fact that you were brave enough to take the plunge and work against odds to make your dream come true is already a testament to your strength.

Hold your head very high, make a victory fist and celebrate your conviction! What brought you here will be a catalyst to get you there as well!


Nurturing a Business and our Children is very Similar!

We started our business Asbicon few days after our daughter was born in 2009. We celebrate her birthday and just a few days later Asbicon‘s birthday. Since she was young she would always accompany me to the office during her time off from school.

It was day before yesterday when she again accompanied me to the office and sat proudly in my chair (she always does that ?) and as I was watching her, it occurred to me that there are so many similarities in bringing up a child and growing a business.

Some obvious ones that came to mind:

1) You want to give them a good foundation

2) You want to ensure that ethics are inculcated in the right way

3) A business makes mistakes similar to the way a child does and you have to ensure there are lessons learnt from that

4) You have to be both hard and soft at times to give them the best possible chance in life

5) You learn from them

6) Both grow gradually and surprise you at many junctures

7) You cannot always predict what they are going to do

8) Warms your heart when you see them perform


Their success is your happiness..

You can’t do it- That’s Wonderful!

You can’t do it- That’s Wonderful!

You can’t do it- That’s Wonderful!

I came across a nice LinkedIn post from an individual this morning where he listed down an array of demotivators thrown at him when he moved to Canada a year ago such as “You will not find a job in your field”, “You will not be able to have a senior position if you want to settle here”,” You will need to adjust your expectations downwards” etc etc. He then proceeded to proudly share that “He was glad he only listened to himself” as he was now on the Board of Directors of a reputable organisation within that year.

I assume most of us have come across such situations in our personal & professional lives where we are faced with similar statements/doubts expressed on capabilities. There can be one of three outcomes in such a situation, 1) Get demotivated/stop attempting, 2) Not affected/carry on as planned, 3) Challenge becomes a huge motivation/multiply the effort. In my personal experience these have actually proved to be huge motivators to try to accomplish what has been stated as “can’t be done”. Granted that subject to limits of science and supernatural not everything will be possible but hope you get my gist:-).

It was the year 1993, I had just given my year 10 exams ( sort of equivalent to GCSEs) and had about 4 months of holidays coming up. Although it has been quite common for 14+ year olds taking up jobs in Europe, Americas etc., in the Northern Indian town of Faridabad where I grew up it was almost unheard of ( landscape has changed a bit over the last decade or so but still not common) due to multiple factors such as too young, family reputation, limited belief in capability etc. However, in very simple terms, in my heart I wanted to learn the value of money and expressed a desire to my family that I wanted to work . You guessed the response right…”You can’t do it”. The third outcome as above kicked in and I stepped up efforts to find a way. As luck would have it, found out about a boy known to my family who I learned had starting going to Delhi as he had taken up a job there. Spoke to him and was told that he works for a toy company. Somehow convinced my father to accompany this boy called Happy for one day and see if it was something decent to be involved in.

As agreed with Happy, I reached his home the next day at 7:30 AM to go to Delhi with him. Not sure why, but surprise surprise, he had left without me. Now definitely couldn’t just go back home and miss this golden chance and in those days there were no cell phones so couldn’t contact Happy either. I remembered Happy had told me that the company he works for is based in “East of Kailash”area in Delhi and had shared the company name. Armed with these 2 pieces of information, without ever having travelled alone to Delhi and that too on Public transport, I headed for the old Faridabad train station( Google hadn’t graced our lives yet:-)). At the station enquired about the train stop I should get off at in Delhi to reach East of Kailash and learned about Okhla, my destination station for the day. Once I reached East of Kailash ( it was not a couple of blocks, more like a small town), I started enquiring about this Toy company and after about an hour, luck smiled and a phone shop( called STD/ISD booths in India) which this toy company used to route their long distance calls gave me their address.

Late morning, I arrived at A3-East of Kailash, which was originally a house but now had offices in the basement & ground floor and someone’s residence on the upper floors. The toy company’s office was in the basement. When I entered the office, my friend Happy was there and was suitably surprised. Anyway, spoke to the boss and found out that this particular office employed people for door to door selling of their Soft toys and board games. They said they would give me a trial for a week and I jumped on the chance. So that day in April 1993, armed with around 20kgs of toys and games on my shoulder, with a desire to learn and motivated further by “You can’t do it”, at a grand age of 15, on the streets of South Delhi was my first day at work!

That day defined my life. I ended up working there for the remaining 3 months and that is where my love for Sales was born. There are many other memories of knocking on doors, my first sale etc. which I might share in future posts. Since then, there had to be a component of work along with my studies and I ended up working part-time all through my graduation in Sales roles.

Most of the times “You Can’t do it” challenge has worked positively for me as a motivator and also as a catalyst to help push boundaries, get out of comfort zone etc on multiple occasions. It is not surprising that the same must have played a huge role in the lives of many people we have come to respect such as Muhammad Ali, Nelson Mandela, Richard Branson etc. and must be a key ingredient in their success.

So next time, someone says to you” You can’t do it”.. just say and feel “That’s Wonderful!” 

Ankur Shiv Bhandari