“The Positive Charge” Talks by Ankur Shiv Bhandari – Coming Soon!

I have been involved in Capability building for more than a decade not only as part of leading a training company but by also being a Corporate trainer, managing people from different cultures, as a father and recently as a University Senior lecturer. As the years have gone by, I have realised the pure joy there is when you see even a small positive change in someone’s capability and the feeling that your efforts might have contributed to it in some way. I believe that an underlying “Hygiene factor” or “success factor” to how individuals and organisations approach capability is the level of optimism and the ability to deal with negative or discouraging events and influences. I believe if a situation is approached with a “Positive Charge” the capability change results are amazingly different. I will try to share some thoughts on that point through “The Positive Charge” podcast. Thoughts related to the Industry will continue on “The Shopper in Shorts” podcast.

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Look forward to connecting with thoughts soon

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